New Music Video From The Museum

The artist using the museum as a backdrop | Willie Wartaal (featuring ND, singing the French part) at Museum Voorlinden

Tu me fatigues – Je maakt me moe

You tire me out, would be the translation and it’s a smooth dance-floor*-smash-track in the making 🙂 Je maakt me moe, Wartaal echoes to ND’s Tu me fatigues.

A fresh release from Dutch rapper/musician/tv-host/funnyman Willie Wartaal’s new album Nieuwe Kunst (New Art).

The clip is shot against a backdrop of modern art at Museum Voorlinden, a modern art space south of Amsterdam. Although it can’t escape the comparison with Beyoncé and Jay-Z at the Louvre, I think it tops it. At the time a lot was said about the filming at the Louvre by pop stars, but this is different again. It’s definitely lighter.

Wartaal (translate as Abracadabra, Gibberish) is funny and clever, crazy ironic, his tunes wicked.


Because of the Cornona outbreak and consequential lock-down his tour was cancelled, also tv-shows and festivals won’t happen, but the new album was unstoppable … ….hmm, what could be fun to do now?

* the pad where you can dance, at home, that is.

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Chanelling Bowie

“I am weary of analysis”

the interview

First Bowie album I bought – Made in Berlin when the wall was up

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Serendipity | Street Gallery Amsterdam

Something To Look Forward To – Unknown artist (Amsterdam 2021) | Mixed Media – not for sale
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Neo Pop Art Brut vs Abstract Street Expressionism

The colorful work of Bortusk covered by – erm – some abstract street expressionism?

While updating a post from back in 2013 I realized, over the years I have been working on the archives of a street art phenomenon (!). His name, Bortusk Leer.

Fed up with people being angry, disappointed, sad and disillusioned with life, Leer sees it as his duty to brighten up the world and spread some happiness. Over a decade Bortusk has developed a signature voice and style, creating manic, euphoric creatures (his monsters) plus other lively abstract pieces, videos, TV shows and numerous psychedelic assemblages of Neo-Pop-Art-Brut.” From the Bortusk website.

The images above are some of the more recent works on paper, using slogans.

PS | More images + the original post – here

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Milestone Number 55.555

Just passed the magical number of 55.555 views

So far I published 999 posts and saved 22 drafts, and now this.

Makes me think.

Had I started Chinese straight away, God knows where I’d be now.

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Inspirational Thriller

I put this on my list just now (No bucket involved 😉
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Light Art In Amsterdam Last Night

CALL TO ACTION | I took it personal: Choose your favorite light art work (… the one you want to see back next year – let us know trough the website, etc) OK, check.

Last night I left my friend’s house just before the curfew of 9 pm, I had 15 mins to cycle from her quarter to mine. Easy, it’s not that far.

BUT! On my way to my parked bike I came across this poster: A call for entries for next year’s Amsterdam Light Festival: Let us know what you liked best and would like to see again next year. OK? Light art? Need I pay attention to light art? What light art exactly, I wondered. Ok, now I was interested, is there any light art, that I haven’t noticed? So I got my phone out, ready to take some pictures, while driving by – as there wasn’t much time, suddenly!

I took some snaps of contenders…

  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening
  • Festival of lights in Amsterdam one evening

But one I really like – and would be my favorite: Close to home I passed the Tropenmuseum, a large building, partly lit, but with some dark corners as well. Pedaling my bike in a hurry (it was 9 o’clock now) from the corner of my eye I felt someone looking at me. I turned my head and – what was that??

I went back to take the picture.

Larger than life and lit – counts as the best light art I saw last night in Amsterdam.


PS 03152021

Here can see the real works of art from the Amsterdam Light Festival – and YOU can vote which is best.

From the Amsterdam Light Festival website
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Mike Winkelmann | Best Selling Digital Artist Beeple

Mike Winkelmann – aka the artist Beeple – striking it rich after he sold his digital artwork “Everydays” at Christie’s this week collecting $69.3 million worth in cryptocurrency Ethereum. Read the update here. Image is an alteration of Scott Winkelmann’s portrait.

PS 130321 | Watch Winkelmann watching the last minutes of the live sale in his living room.

I’m going to Disneyland!!

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Colorful World, But Not The Colors You Want

THE WORLD TODAY | A map from the New York Times showing the amount of casualties of COVID-19 vs the number of inhabitants per country – Go to the original website to hover over the map and get more detailed information on every country – See where the hotspots are now and what the colors actually mean – It made me wonder…
The toll around here
The scores for the US
Brazil’s numbers
It’s a different color for China
Russia also very red
New Zealand, very much the other side of the world to us
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A Familiar Face, But Who, Where?

Altered image | From the campaign for HM x Simone Rocha | Sale starts tomorrow | Photography courtesy H&M

Somehow the photograph above for Simone Rocha’s collection for H&M struck me like a painting. The softness of the fabrics, the light, the colors, the ribbons and subtle tinsel… all lovely and spring-like, but mostly it’s the girl, her fabulous red hair, curves and fine features… they somehow feel familiar, like a portrait I know, we all know… but who, where?

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