Joe Happy Day!

Image I worked on today | JOE 01202021 ©wilsontichelaar

In an alert released moments ago the US Capitol Police have instructed the complex to “return to normal operations.” (CNN)

Ok – it’s time to put up the party decorations – CHANGE is on its way!

[I can’t believe – 4 years since – The Drama – tears were shed – but oh happy day! times passes and the world keeps turning – counting down to a new era… ]

The image above is based on a photo by Mario Sorrenti for InStyle , illustrating an interesting read on Joe Biden from 2017.

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Serendipity | iPhone Decision Maker

Sometimes when swiping up in photos on my iPhone I get suggestions for related images – As in other pictures I may be interested in? Something else I may like? Add to my basket?

Below the one I was looking at it shows a handful of random images from my library – pictures I took – but labeled with a date.. and when I first saw this I was like: Hey, that’s nice!

The typography, the spacing, the cropping of the image: I didn’t touch it, it’s all done by the phone.

Ok, it’s a small thing, but – as a graphic designer – I like this kind of surprise 🙂

(To save them I had to take screenshots though…)

Images my phone made with my photos. Cropping, typography, spacing – graphic design – is performed by my iphone, on it’s own initiative and by specifications unknown to me. Photo’s and composition I did do (© wilson tichelaar). I guess you could look at it as a collaboration with Apple 😉
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117 Countries Visited My Tiny Blog

Visitors of this blog in 2020 came from these countries

On the last day of the year here’s my list.

Inhabitants of the 117 countries listed above found their way to this tiny, quiet little spot on the web. Wow, I had no idea… I think it’s great! thank you, I wish we could actually meet! 🙂

Coverage worldwide 2020

I studied the flags, the design, the colors, the meaning maybe? a few names spark an idea, a memory of sorts, a bit of information I picked up along the way.

South Korea, is that you Sunmi? How are you?? – Ghana, a great place to hide from cold winters – Papua New Guinea, I wrote about your Huli People, fabulous men! – A colleague moved to Myanmar, to start-up a car rental before they laid the roads – Ireland, careful not to get caught in the coach trail of roots seeking Americans and having to cue behind them in every other pub 😉 – United States, some really nasty characters are tucked away here, but also the birth ground of bright stars leading the way. Admiring it, disgusted by it, in short – Morocco, a world of scents and smells it seemed to me, a nose’s paradise – Russia, fascinating how it looks so much bigger on almost every map than it is in reality (read the post here) – India, I knew about the onion craze from experience but recently understood the effect of their love for the bulb vegetable on the Dutch economy through the Brexit roadblock at the harbor of Calais – it’s all connected.

But! A lot of countries I still know little of, and just seeing their tiny flags in my stats to me feels like an invitation, a conversation starter. I would love to know about all of these places, how is life with you?

A shout out to the one (and only) visitor from the British Virgin Islands, Guernsey, Moldova, Nepal, Bahamas, Myanmar and Mongolia – you are ahead of your countrymen, you found this spot first 🙂

Intro tune for the next year

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A Salute From The Roof

PAGES | 19122020 | (…) every sort of shiny thing | image wilsontichelaar TFOH

(…) sorry for maybe replying a bit late, but doing nothing is not good for my motor I’m afraid. I do keep myself busy, you saw some stuff from the archive, but without the bustle of guests around, it feels like doing nothing. First night alone at home this year, my son hasn’t seen the UK this year, but tonight has gone to stay with a friend – it’s only me and Bonnie now. She just sleeps.
No news – we’ll have a quiet christmas, as we had to cancel a visit to family because of the lock down – I bought a set of backgammon,
just sitting quietly tonight, enjoying my home, playing music, I took a bath – first in more than a year.
then I went to the roof – smoked a cigaret – took pictures
here’s one I like

Best wishes for good times ahead,

may we meet next year


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Making Stories From The Archive

When asked Anja explained: “The world is swamped by images, we don’t see them anymore. When going through my archive of slides, trying to make it accessible, I grouped them, making stories. By singling images out, you can actually read them, associative and make them relevant. It is actually making stories for the archive – a way of filing my slides“.

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Lock Down Gift | The Familiar Smells Of Memorable Moments In Certain Locations

HOT from Selfridge’s newsletter: 10x2ml scent diffusers of REPLICA by Maison Margiela Paris

A treat for indoor travellers at the cost of 30 pounds only – including stylish, conceptual packaging…



Believe In Luck

Frummel wants you to believe in luck

This is the first frame of our introduction to Frummel, a true oracle kitten, worth 30 million and longing to come home with you. Meeting a black cat, this is your lucky day.

A wonderful turn on the image of the black cat. You must read the whole story here.

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Christmas Kitchen

Red cabbage, tree 🙂

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It’s A Bauble!

It’s a bauble – isn’t it amazing?!

– Ok strictly speaking it is an ornament, but hey, amazing piece of art it is! –

Below some fabulous finds from the best of London’s Christmas Art galleries 😉

C = Conran Shop | L = Liberty’s | H = Harrods | S = Selfridges

Ornament by House of Hackney looking like Mister Stardust, wearing a funny hat
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Serendipity | Sunny Side Up

Sunny Side Up | photo wilson tichelaar 2020

Although somebody must be utterly gutted – It did cheer me up – The sunny quality of this cake, out on the street, on a grey day, can not be ignored.

Includes an intriguing little mind jog – the right bottom corner…

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