Things I made: Storage bench

Something else I want to share with you is the stuff I make. It will be mostly something to do with the house, as our house has been a project of many years. We were fortunate to join a group of families that bought a row of 3 ‘hovel’ houses to do them up, with the help of an architect and some proper builders. But we did a lot ourselves too. Inside everything was broken down, taken out and then rebuild according to our own plan. Twelve small appartements were turned into 5 townhouses. It’s two years since we moved in and I am still busy making things (look better).

Now about the storage bench. I made this last month, as I am doing up the spare room, make it into a proper bedroom, and not use it as a shed anymore! When I say ‘I’, I should say we, as my 7 year old son was an indispensable help! (image 5 shows him with his favourite tool)

DIY storage bench

Things I made – storage bench

materials: an old office post cupboard + old painted laths reclaimed from the house before we renovated + caster wheels I kept from another cupboard + screws + circular saw (which I rented) This storage bench is made from recycled materials only.

The post cupboard was sawn in two (with the circular saw) over the long side and then put down on the cut side. Underneath two blocks of wood were attached to screw the wheels onto. Then the open back was closed with the reclaimed planks, which now is the quirky front of the storage bench. On the backside you still have the ‘holes’ that originally held the post, but now serve as cabinet shelves. With the open side turned to the wall with cushions on top it makes a perfect seat  for the spare room, at no cost really.

The cushions are made from cut to measure foam, the covers with some great worsted fabric, which I found on the market around the corner called Dappermarkt, costing nearly nothing. A fabulous find 😉

[I will write about the Dappermarket next Monday; it is voted “Best market of Holland’ twice, but on Mondays it’s rather special, with a lot of fabric stalls, secondhand clothing and haberdashery]

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