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Isn’t fabric often a piece of art in itself? I always had a soft spot for a nice piece of textile, but wasn’t really aware of this, untill I moved house… over the years I had gathered quite a collection of fabric, nice prints by the meter, loose cuts, woven tartan, cushion covers, napkins, blankets, curtains, lace… all in all a few boxes of “inspiration”. I would dress the new house with it, which I did, but there was enough for a hotel 😉 Some of it I gave away and some I kept, because I just love to look at a stack of beautiful fabric: the structures and the colors, the prints, the look of it just makes me feel good! It can just sit there on the shelve, lovely.

So when I saw these princesses on display in the school, I knew I had to come back with the camera! The stacks of mattresses are gorgeous collages of design, colour and texture, they radiate fun, getting as many different designs as possible in there!





Image[The story of The Princess And The Pea has inspired professionals too, for example Moroso’s bed Principessa.]

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