One good life – Diana Vreeland

DV HQ by Dave Karalis

DV HQ by Dave Karalis

“There’s only one good life, and that’s the life that you want. And you’ve got to get it yourself” Diana Vreeland says in the documentary/film The Eye Has To Travel.

[A very catchy line for all the students in Holly Becker’s e-course BlogBoss this month, including myself!]

I saw the film yesterday and again this morning. Full of mind blowing visuals, lingering statements, passion, action and most of all: Allure! What a woman she was! She was different from anything anybody had ever encountered and maneuvered herself into being the style oracle of America and beyond, I mean, at some point she was Vogue.

DV on fashion

DV on fashion

She embraced the world, brought it into her work, nothing was strange, everything interesting, everybody beautiful. The one thing you couldn’t be was boring; if need be make something up, but don’t be boring. ‘Faction’ is a word she invented, the mix of fact and fiction.

And I just love it, the world she created. I wish there was more to come, but sadly she died in 1966.

Still relevant, a true inspiration. Check her out.

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  1. Kreetta says:

    Interesting topics. Have to come back and see what next! Stopping by via byw. See you!

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