Not always rainbows


Not always rainbows – Simple tie-dye design for towels

This morning was a beautiful start of the day: the sun coming in through the windows at the back of the house, setting the bathroom aglow in a dreamy, soft light. [Ok it snowed in the mean time and it is very cold outside, but!] this picture is what I saw, and it made me feel happy and pleased: a window in the bathroom is quite rare, and just being able to sit and soak with the sun on my face is a great gift of our home. What caught my attention on the photo after snapping the moment, is the towel. I made this towel. And I decided to share the idea.

What I did with a stack of not-so-white-anymore towels, I tie-dyed them. This way they look fresh again, and since they’re still thick in cloth we can use them much longer. The instructions on how to ‘tie-dye’ you can find in many places online, including youtube. The technique is probably best known for the rainbow colours and bulls eye motif, which is widely available. What’s maybe different about this design is the simpleness of it: I tied each towel up with string at one, two or three places only, giving them an understated design of white traces on a grey background. [The different amount of lines tells you which is yours.]

Easy to make, I mean real easy, but I fell for the look again this morning!


Not always rainbows -simple tie-dye design for towels

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3 Responses to Not always rainbows

  1. I love your blog Wilma…like minds! I found you via BYW… 🙂

  2. Hello again Wilma…just wanted to let you know you are one of my eight bloggers. 🙂

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