Waiting makes it exciting

thanks, Andy

thanks, Andy

Well I hope this is true, as I am aware of breaking an important Blogger’s Rule: to post everyday, or at least very regularly. And it’s not that I don’t have subjects, but … there’s also a life away from the keyboard…

Ok, let’s catch up: I (re)found the site of blurb.com: a place online where you can make your book. They show a few inspiring examples of which I absolutely adored this one: a book in pictures of the first year of a newborn. Oliver 365 it is called, a lovely idea by Trevor Conneli.


Oliver 365 by Trevor Conneli on blurb.com

I will do that, I will start my book NOW, I felt it wasn’t a coincidence to stumble upon their site again, I think now is the time to do the book that goes with the blog, a book about inspiration.

This could be the first page 😉


about the journey being the destination

And if you are the type of person that can’t wait, like myself!, here’s maybe a good read.


And how to deal with it I hope

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