Best Daily Market and Fabric Heaven

This is about the best daily market and it’s just around the corner from our house: The Dappermarkt, it stretches along the Dapperstraat form the Mauritskade to the Wijttenbachstraat, and  I love that market! Ever since I’ve been living is this neighborhood -which is like ‘forever’, except for a spell in London- I get my groceries, flowers, bread, fish, eggs and all else straight from the stalls. It’s been awarded best market of Holland a few times, and I still think it’s undervalued…

Dappermarkt - our local daily market - Amsterdam Oost

Dappermarkt – our local daily market – Amsterdam Oost | wilson tichelaar ©So every day it’s a fresh produce market, but on Monday there’s an interesting shift in merchandise, then it becomes Fabric Heaven. Why I like the Mondays: there are quite a few lovely fabric stalls, and also the shops behind the market put their goods out on a stall in the street. There are several haberdashery, fashion accessories, bags and purses, hosiery and shoes merchants and also, the amount of second hand clothes sellers is increasing. (New clothes and shoes are always on sale.) It’s incredible what bargains you can find here: this Monday for example, I noticed a stall selling lovely baby clothes, everything made from biological cotton, for next to nothing.

But the fabrics, that’s my eye candy. And it’s often I can’t resist buying a piece for you never know what and when, it will look nice on the shelve anyway. What I am really into at the moment is African prints, and although the guy selling them (and other gorgeous fabrics!) is somewhat grumpy, I keep coming back, just to have a look, take in the patterns and the vibrant colors.

Dappermarkt Amsterdam Oost

Fabric Heaven | Dapper Market Amsterdam | wilson tichelaar ©

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2 Responses to Best Daily Market and Fabric Heaven

  1. Elvira Duives says:

    Hi Wilma! Love the beautiful fabrics on the photo!
    Groeten van another skirtmaker Elvira

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