Okra beauty

Now that I started the blog, it seems even more subjects push themselves forward, to grab my attention. As if shouting from the crowd:”Choose me! Choose me, Wilma!” the inanimate objects around the house are fighting for their 15 minutes of fame, on my blog.

Ok then, fair enough, today I will show the beautiful disposition of okra. Last night I had some old friends over, and I wanted to make an effort with diner. I chose to cook ‘local’ which means ‘exotic’, as I am living in the eastern part of Amsterdam, where a rich blend of nationalities can be found including all necessary ingredients for their daily grub. I decided on an Indian vegetable dish with okra.

Apart form the dish, this is what I made.

okra stamps

pattern made with okra stamps

Cutting the stems I noticed this lovely shape inside: 5 seed tubes form 5 perfect circles, the leaves of the graphic flower. I used the stems as stamps and made this pattern. When later I googled ‘okra flower’ I was stunned again, as the actual flower looks like a perfect 3D model of the stamp: a perfect pentagon of petals, with the stamp in the center… absolutely dazzling design!

okra flower 2pat.wordpress.com

okra flower 2pat.wordpress.com

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4 Responses to Okra beauty

  1. Rosa Paula says:

    Hello Wilma! I found you at BYW and I really liked your blog. The stamp idea is so fun! Here in Brazil okra is very common (we call it quiabo). I had no idea we could find it in Europe!
    I’m already following you with bloglovin!
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Hi Rosa, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm, that is really good to know ,-) The okra by the way, I think is imported, from Brazil maybe?? Although we grow a lot of vegetable in glasshouses in Holland, it could be local… Since I found this ‘stamp’ I scrutinize everything I chop up in the kitchen haha

  2. juju333 says:

    Awesome idea. I like okra, I always thought of it as an American soul or south food. But the more I learn about food and it’s origins the more fascinating it becomes.

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