Children’s Books | Basics On Love And Friendship

Because my son is turning 8 next week, I chose 8 books from his library, to investigate what his main influencers are 😉

After The Beginning of Everything, a pop-up book on how we came to be (see previous post), here are books number 2 and 3: elementary lessons on love & friendship.

First a lovely picture book on the love of Bear for Butterfly. An odd couple maybe, and not instantly gratified, but in the end they get it 😉

The beautiful artwork and story is by Annemarie van Haeringen and the book was rewarded with a Gold Paintbrush. Published by Leopold.

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And this one I simply adore! I couldn’t show more images, or I would give away the whole book, but I think the story is wonderful, the imagery funky, the colourscheme brilliant, do I need to say more? I could frame (!) every spread from this book!

It is Mr Big, drawn by Ed vere, published by

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