Winter Antidote | Malagoon

Easter 2013 will be colder than Christmas 2012. What uplifting news is that? Today I drove to Rotterdam, spent 2 hours in the car at least, listening to the radio, taking in too much info about the weather… and coming back, somewhere halfway home it actually started to snow!! {Yeah wow snow I usually love it but I am so over snow right now I mean check the date}

But! what for me always works, when feeling a bit lost, is looking at pleasant images.

These inspiring images I just found on the site of a brand I kept in the back of my mind since October, and because this week I spotted the blue pillow in a  shop window while driving by (yep that’s the kind of spotter I am ;-)) it was back on my mind:

MALAGOON. Lovely. It’s exciting, it’s beautifully made, it’s original. Anneke Bierma is the designer behind the new brand in home textiles. She travelled the world, had a career in fashion, then followed her heart to create her own fabric fantasy. She is inspired by islands in the pacific, their culture, colours and nature, and she did a pretty good mash-up! The tribal look of the patterns for example, goes surprisingly well with the sumptuous feel of the quilting technique, and the plain brown linen is the best canvas for the rainbow coloured pacific flower.

Perfect winter antidote. Check out the shop at

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