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Makes Me Wanna Go Summa!

Today I finish my job at the online shopping club for Home and Living. It was a fun and exciting environment, where many a new road was traveled. I will miss it. Right now I am enjoying the independent curatorship … Continue reading

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Beatrix’ chick lit potential

Tonight we watched a programme on Queen Beatrix. This Thursday she will resign after a reign of 33 years. The reportage showed images of the life of a royal girl taking on the task of queen. Impressive. I have seen … Continue reading

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Wow With Discount

This is one of the reasons I love museum shops: you get extra special wannahaves you couldn’t buy anywhere else! Now the DesignMuseum in London sells a wonderful selection of rugs, this one is by Lesley Barnes from Glasgow. She … Continue reading

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The King in kids art

Prince Willem Alexander will be crowned king of The Netherlands this Tuesday, and the entire country is busy with the preparations of the national holiday. In school the children made whole-length portraits of him, his wife Maxima and his mother, … Continue reading

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Reflector | Orange Storm Ahead

Queen Beatrix will renounce the throne next Tuesday, but…Still full of life! (by Stan) The Netherlands are getting ready to say goodbye to their well loved queen of 33 years, Beatrix. This Tuesday, April 30th, the Royal Family and fans … Continue reading

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Taking Mona Lisa For A Spin

  What’s going on in this picture? To me it is a very exciting scene. It seems to be a snapshot of an adrenaline drenched moment, in which A Crime Against Society is performed: stealing a valuable work of art, … Continue reading

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On The Road

Over the weekend we drove up north -and back- to visit family, which takes us two and a half hours to get there. This can easily become a tedious trip to an eight year old, so in general I pack … Continue reading

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Google Art is great

I have just discovered The Google Arts Project, and I wonder how I will get out of the house today! More than 200 museums from around the world have uploaded 40.000 works of art so far, and I could easily … Continue reading

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Flowers from the vegetable drawer

After the succes of finding beauty in okra {see post Okra beauty} I felt lucky, and had a peek in the vegetable drawer today… I feel I’m on to something 😉

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Noah’s party

Ok then, here’s the rest of them, what a wonderful lot! Every child chose a different animal, and they’re all gorgeous creatures. Some are pictured with an animal friend, like the monkey and the spider or the giraf and crocodile, … Continue reading

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