Children’s Books | Life Lessons From Calder and Madonna

Yesterday I visited the new Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and noticed the mobile by Alexander Calder hanging from the ceiling as if the 10+ years of closure and renovation of the institute had not taken place. It is still valid, and it’s back on show.

Last year we saw a retrospective on Calder in The Hague, and bought this lovely book, explaining to children how Alexander became an artist. The artwork is by Sieb Posthuma, who’s line of drawing matches the subject perfectly! {By the way: I’m picking up the subject of 8 books from a 8-year old’s library. To see what his influencers are ;-)} The lesson in book number 4 is about endurance: you may like what you do, but to become a master you need perceverance, don’t be put off by a bit of struggle.

Apart from perseverance ambition can help to become what you want. This is a lesson we all learned from Madonna for example. I always admired Madonna for many reasons; first of all she made me dance, and then she showed girl power and when she started writing children’s books I thought she was clearing the stage to become the next big children’s books author, but somehow that didn’t materialize. She is still big in music, but this first book out of a set of five is a gem: The English Roses. The quirky, retro romantic drawings are by Jeffrey Fulvimari, who’s style reminds me of an early Andy Warhol, when he was drawing ads with a dip pen and east indian ink. Being a fan I bought the book before I was a mother and ended up reading it to my son, but the message is universal: don’t let appearances fool you, and don’t listen to gossip.

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