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It’s april and I am one month away from Nothing. My current job as a creative stops and I will spend this month aiming at a new challenge that is as exciting as everything I’ve done so far and will make me want to jump to the alarm in the morning to start an inspiring day in the office. {Which could also be at home behind the laptop ;-)}

I started my blog a month ago and … I love it! Also I think it’s not just me pouring my stuff out, but there is a world, a parallel universe, out there of like minded people sharing bits of their lives with whom I feel connected. Who are creative and want others to be involved, to be inspired and invite eachother to be inspiring, in the blogosphere.
Flicking through my notebook I realise working on my blog sparked many exciting ideas, concepts for new business and creative projects. WordPress, the software I am using, is a great tool for getting creative!

I would recommend the e-courses by Holly Becker from decor8 to anyone interested in blogging. The BloggBoss class I took over the month of March has been a crash course in setting up a personal blog looking at it from a professional angle. Holly’s forte is styling and decorating, but the course also offers tips and tricks from a business perspective by the tutorials of Thorsten, the man behind the woman. Pour out your passion in a pro way, leaving no dull moments!

For people in Amsterdam I can recommend Ernst Jan Pfauth’s workshop on blogging. This is a one night session where you meet other bloggers and can learn from a succesful blogger with a newspaper editor’s take on things. Ernst Jan shows the trics of the trade and knows how to spark some action: most important step is Getting Started.

Prime minister and blogosphere

Blogosphere questioned in Parliament | image wilson tichelaar ©

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