Junior Dudes + Party Cake = Happy Birthday

birthday cake

When this kicks in we’re at the bowling alley | wilson tichelaar ©

Today we are going to have a party! Around 11 a group of 4 junior Dudes will arrive, ready to roll… They’ll exchange gifts, pats on the shoulder, a push, exclamations of cool, enjoy a drink and a piece of birthday cake and then…action! At noon a yellow London cab will turn up to drive them to their party: The Bowling Alley, arriving just in time for the cake to kick in… what happens next I can’t clearly see from where I am now, anything shocking will be reported here 😉

note: I made this cake, i.e. bought a butter cake 😉 covered it with melted chocolate and Vito (now 8!) decorated it with smarties and the like. Easy and mjummie!

About Wilson

relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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