FROGUE spring 2013

Today it was a lovely sunny day in Amsterdam and we went out for a walk into town, the city centre being just 15 minutes away, the large toyshop less than that if we all run: Our son had some birthday money to spend!
It’s easy to see what the sunlight does to people, nature and animals; things get unruly in an affectionate way: love is in the air!

Also in the school, I think the teacher of the 2nd group told the story of Frog In Love (Kikker is verliefd), as the hallway was covered in paintings of Frog -in his habitual red and white striped shorts- looking very much in love… Enchanting to see how love and joy and excitement is expressed in a few strokes by 5 year olds!

There was one painting in particular that struck me. This girl has painted Frog as a cover model! Watch that pose! the slightly tilted hip, one hand holding a matching scarf or something, big eyes (or sunglasses?) staring straight at the camera, the flower corsage on the shoulder, it’s all very cool and stylish 🙂

kikker Aemke

Vogue Frog

See what I mean?



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