Ironic copyright

strijkkralen 130413

Random square 130413 ©

The copyright sign in the caption of the image above is ironic. This unique square, randomly filled with coloured beads was made yesterday. It is made out of plastic beads, melted together into one solid form. It’s a commissioned piece of work by our son, after his father loved the first one so much, he wanted one for himself. So another Random Square was made, similar to the first one, but of course totally different. Hoping his dad will recognize the original and enjoy the glow-in-the-dark-cream-on-top-beads-extra and love it just the same. This kind of work is very hard to memorize, it contains 29×29 beads, being 871 decisions made. Or lucky shots.

I find the sheer randomness and accidental beauty mesmerizing: I love to stare at it, study it, trying to work it out, look for lines, connections, good combinations… it jogs my mind! Or would you say, when seen one you’ve seen them all?

How does that compare to the work of Damien Hirst, the spot paintings?

spot painting Damien Hirst

Spot painting by Damien Hirst show Gagosian Paris 2012, from

From 1986 to 2011 Damien Hirst has produced a series of paintings showing multi-coloured spots, neatly ordered, lots and little, big and small, on a white background. Some of them I have seen on show in London and I was impressed! Something to do with the (suggested?) randomness of the colours, colour therapy almost. Would anyone be able to rember the paintings as they are? Anyone enthusiastically discussing the order of the colours over a drink or blog about it? ‘How wonderfully placed, the celeste dot right on the edge of the canvas, sitting next to a purple spot, under a perfect golden yellow one.’ And ‘Just the right amount of dots on the canvas’. ‘The exquisite distance between them is just perfect’. ‘Better then the picture with a mere nine dots’… etc.

I wonder.

How do we see these paintings and how can you describe them?

So what are these people talking about?

spot painting show

Show of spot paintings by Damien Hirst at Gagosian Paris, 2012, from

Well, once you figure them out, or maybe even one, spot that is, you could sponsor your spot by buying the badge 😉 {and feed the hype}

spot painting damien hirst

badges to identify with

All artwork Damien Hirst Copyright Damien Hirst / Science Ltd, 2012

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