Taking Mona Lisa For A Spin

Art Snatchers

Illustration to go with a letter to the editor on the theft of the Mona Lisa from The Louvre 100 years ago. It had been lost for 2 years when it was retrieved in 1913. Art work by Cyprian Koscielniak for NRC Handelsblad


What’s going on in this picture?

To me it is a very exciting scene. It seems to be a snapshot of an adrenaline drenched moment, in which A Crime Against Society is performed: stealing a valuable work of art, and trying to get away with it. The nerve! and The stupidity! are playing ping pong in my brain. Pong, this is so wrong! you cannot take what is considered a great piece of art, and therefor contains great strength and powers to heal the human soul. This is of all of us. Also Scotland Yard, the FBI, the GIS, they will track you down, you are going nowhere with that canvas.

On the ping side: This is awesome. They say all in love is fair… would that cover stealing the painting you love so much you want to take it home? A painting you can’t live without, and a reproduction won’t do. You’ve got to get it! Surely anyone ever been in love can somehow relate to that feeling. {It is said that Leonardo da Vinci took (the) Mona Lisa with him everywhere he travelled, in a suitcase.}

Do you know a work of art you would want to go to jail for? Or better, a piece of art that keeps you indoors, together with the artwork you love so much you want to keep it to yourself, like a jealous lover. Would you give up your life as you know it, to spend it with your favorite piece of art? {you what?! yes! that was the q, try to imagine…!}

What happens if you would manage to take a painting off the wall in a museum or gallery, and walk right out of the building with it. Jump on the getaway scooter, to take your darling home, where it belongs.

I find the idea endearing. And if I were the Art Snatcher’s Advocate I would plea for Passionate Crime.

And maybe, the nice gentlemen on the scooter are just taking Mona Lisa for a spin around the block. Then bring her home safely. They love her.

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