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Still full of life

Queen Beatrix will renounce the throne next Tuesday, but…Still full of life! (by Stan)

The Netherlands are getting ready to say goodbye to their well loved queen of 33 years, Beatrix. This Tuesday, April 30th, the Royal Family and fans will paint the town orange, to celebrate the coronation of King Willem Alexander. The festivities are said to lure about a million visitors to Amsterdam, and as you may know, the last coronation had a rather punkish spirit, with the military police fighting anarchists using water guns and horse power. We just hope this time they come in peace, and if not, they are directed to the designated areas of protest, where they can have their say. Speakers corners away from the fresh King and Queen, who will be touring the river IJ after the official part in the New Church on Dam Square.

The craziness that the Dutch display on the 30th of April, celebrating the Queen’s birthday, has a long history of stale fun and games, in which members of the Royal Family seriously participate {god knows why as it kills royal magic!} Millions are watching this on television, but in the cities the general public is out on the street, getting drunk slowly acting silly, with song and dance in the street, food and drink, new best friends and loads of new stuff to buy. Stuff is the right word here as it’s Free Market Day throughout the country, allowing anyone sell their…stuff. Stalls everywhere, blankets full of attic, the most mega jumble, car boot, garage sale I know of. Everybody is involved, either selling or hunting and buying. Also in Amsterdam this is BIG.

All of this going on is usually enough to completely freeze all transport and block the city, but now with the coronation right in the middle of it on top, I wonder if we have enough emergency helipads!

Well, probably more on the subject the next few days, but for now I want to show you how much our Royals are loved by the kids in school. The work is done by all groups, so the age ranges from 4 to 12 years old.

This is a series of the Queen. She was there for 33 years, but some of the artists are no older than 4 and don’t know her. But they may know the queen concept.

The next queen will be Maxima, the wife of the heir to the throne. Maxima is a super star in Holland, from South American origins and of common descend.

And then the King.

There’s one artist who can really relate to him; surely the king is one of us! 😉

But there are many of us he could be, as I will show you tomorrow.

{Goodnight Holland.}

W The Kid

W The Kid

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