Exciting Boat Stories

Maira Kalman Fireboat

Maira Kalman Fireboat

I am a huge fan of the work of Maira Kalman, and bought this book for our son when he was still little, too little to understand exactly what it was about. Of course it’s about a fireboat, but this one is a real hero. (But my son just loved counting the spouts!)

It tells the true heroic story of the John J. Harvey helping out when New York was attacked on 9/11. Now that our son is 8 he knows what happened, and the illustration of the plains flying into the buildings has probably become his index picture for the event. The book has won an award for treating such a serious subject in such a comprehensive and engaging way. {I am back on the subject of 8 books from the library of my 8 year old son, to check out his influencers 😉 This is number 6}

Another exciting boat story is from the series Gouden Boekjes, Sloffie Sleepboot. Sloffie is a tug, with ambition. When brought home from the toyshop his owner ‘the little boy’ puts him in the bath, but that is not what Sloffie had in mind. He is a tug with a dream, he dreams of bigger waters. ‘I was meant for better’ is his line. When one day he is put into a creek, to play, he manages to get away. He travels from creek to river to harbor, sailing the current. It gets busier and noisier and he is not always noticed by the larger boats, which makes it a dangerous adventure. When he nearly loses it, in fear of being pulled into the ocean, he is saved!

And back home he is very happy to sail the bath 😉

A very exciting story that had to be read many times!

The story is by Gertrude Crampton, the art work by Tibor Gergely.

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