Bortusk Leer’s home made graffiti

Bortusk Leer Amsterdam

Fuzzy cookie

This explosion of fun is what you could call home made graffiti.  The drawings are animated at home, on sheets of newspaper, taken into the street and left there. For us, to light up our day, claims the artist talking to

Aren’t they lovely! The artist Bortusk Leer has now arrived in Amsterdam, where I took these pictures, out in the streets. I looked him up on Google and it turns out he was spotted before and talked to him. And what really hit me in this interview, was the mentioning of the power of the art of 5-year olds. How Bortusk had studied for years to master the skills of a young child again. He even used the images he drew as a child, long kept by his mother. He has been postering in New York and London, and faraway places like Australia. The comments he received over the years are positive in general “(…) and I have had the odd comment about there being no skill involved in my art work, but I think they’re missing the point.”

This reminds me of Karel Appel. He got a lot of that too. And he was a genius, not Rocket Man. Actually, Karel Appel was born around the corner from where I live, The Karel Appel House is located 50 meters to my right, on Dapperstreet number 7.

Karel Appel zonder titel

Karel Appel zonder titel

Now Bortusk online

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2 Responses to Bortusk Leer’s home made graffiti

  1. roylcoblog says:

    Amazing! I love how bright and vivid the colors are. The monster shapes look dynamic!

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