Selling Off Memories

Everyday life is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and wonder, and I am looking for the beauty in things and people always. By default.

No greater joy than to turn over a store and find that hidden gem, or when going for a long walk in the great outdoors to empty my head, to fill my pockets with lovely pieces of nature: Souvenirs as well as objects of study; the fascinating otherworldly jenesaisquoi to bring home and treasure.
It is a way of collecting, not hoarding, I do tidy the house and throw stuff out. Occassionally. {With people I am no different really, they will stay in my phone like for ever, for good memories’ sake etc. Only occassionally one gets thrown out…}

I know I don’t need more, there’s plenty of inspiring stuff in the house and my daily schedule is packed, but! the exciting and new lets itself in, it has the key!

Therefore, I am opening the back door, to let some old treasures out again. Through the iforinspirationshop on the site of Etsy I will sell off my personal belongings, my Fabulous Finds of a bygone time. And you’ll see, there will always be an occasion where they fit in perfectly.

Today the shop starts with a Festival de Cannes theme, as the famous film festival sets off in the south of France creating the star buzz and bustle that we all love: Movie stars, directors, hot stuff and red carpets…

The sale is more of a flashback: Nine framed vintage postcards, nostalgic images of movie stars, French films and commercial art, and (the south of) France. The original movie star postcards I bought ages ago in a little shop around the corner called Abeille (honeybee), the poster cards were sent back from a trip to France. The picture frames have a lovely Fifties design, finished in wood veneer, making them suitable for any environment, applying a Technicolor Côte d’Azur summer feeling!

The first sale in the iforinspirationshop on Etsy: Festival de Cannes

The first sale in the iforinspirationshop on Etsy: Festival de Cannes

{Film music, soundtracks and sound effects will be up for sale next.}

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relentless hunter gatherer of soothing beauty, great and small
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