Johnny Depp was here

Looking at art at CBK Amsterdam Oost

Looking at art at CBK Amsterdam Oost

Today I spent the afternoon with my son’s group from school, visiting the local Art Centre where their show opened today. It was a selection of work made at the local graphic centre, Grafisch Centrum Oost.

They made fantastic work, and while debating it, had a good memory of what they were thinking when producing it. After the group bit about their own work they were allowed to walk in small groups through the entire building, where different professional artists were shown. There was running and laughter, close examinations and wonder. I was walking round with my camera taking shots of the event, when I noticed the guestbook. I told a boy standing close to it what it was for and encouraged him to write a note, if there was something he really liked, or a comment he would like to make. The artists would really appreciate a note, as it’s always a bit scary to be on show, to be performing as an artist, and knowing someone likes their work will make them happy.

So he did, he loved a 3D car made out of wood (or was it 2D? we discussed it, maybe 2,5D, as it was flat but also had a volume, anyway, I want to get to my point! ->

While he wrote down that he liked the wooden car, I read an astonishing note on the top of the page saying ” It was wonderful to be there,” signed… Johnny Depp.

I mean this is local local, not the newly opened Rijksmuseum, not the new VanGogh Museum, nor the Hermitage, where he could have gone, unnoticed probably in a private viewing in the evening or something…

Johnny Depp was here

Johnny Depp was here | CBK Amsterdam Oost

It looks like we just missed him… and what a buzz this note must be for everybody involved in the show!

{it could be a cheap imposter, or the artist-imposter; the man who pretends he is JD as a profession. Or a mad fan. Or just any cheapo. But somehow…idontthinkso}

I flicked back and forth in the book, trying to find some reference of time, but there was none. My mind was racing and I must have looked puzzled when Vito, my son, came up to me and said “What’s the matter?”. How to explain. I told him that the actor who plays Willy Wonka was here, and wrote a note in the book! Vito being an absolute chocolate monster loves Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, has seen the film many times. But nothing. He was not impressed. Well, not really, he did write a note in the book himself.

How cool is that?! {Eight years old and no star attraction yet.}

Moviestars, films and soundtracks have been on my mind over the last few days. The Film Festival in Cannes started yesterday, and I try to set up a theme sale in the iforinspiration shop on Etsy. Souvenirs de Cannes. There are some framed vintage postcards up now, and today I worked on framed records: Music of films and tv series in original soundtrack or orchestrated. There’s also a Happy Hammond covering the classic themes! 🙂 The covers of the albums are so quirky! and such perfect time documents, I decided to frame them. Hang them on the wall, look at them in a different way.

Cinema Gold illustration

Cinema Gold – framed original illustrated dust sleeve – soon in iforinspirationshop on Etsy

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