The Time Principle

The Now Principle

The Now Principle

Time is a funny thing, and I seem totally addicted as I cannot get enough of it! I need more time on a daily basis. I have stuff to do, things to read, to cook, shop, a blog to run, job, a child and a boyfriend… and only 24 circles in a day. My days are packed and I have grown to deal with leaving things undone. Bringing them forward to the next. Never ending never finished. Also never really satisfied, as new things keep coming.

And so I try to buy time. To squeeze more in.

I create my own time zone, in which I leave myself just enough space to be. I don’t linger in a parallel universe, but by slightly altering the numbers on the time devices around the house, I comfortably circumnavigate the real time, Central European Time that is.

My watch is 5 min fast, the alarm 10 minute fast, the clock in my son’s room 20 minutes fast, the kitchen clock almost 30 minutes. My iPhone time is correct, I assume, and so is Vito’s iPod. Just to be safe and on time. Without cramping my style.

How it works? Basically I don’t remember in the morning, get rather confused by all of them and not sure what time it is, exactly, and therefore I better hurry. How easy is that? 😉

A quick Google got me this, which leads to an interesting take on creative time management. I gave it a quick scan and forward the read to tomorrow. Goodnight.

Schermafbeelding 2013-05-21 om 00.54.22

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