A New Moon Means Change

One thing I haven’t blogged about yet, is my fondness of astrology and horoscopes. I have been reading Susan Miller’s horoscope pages on Astrologyzone.com for almost 15 years now. Brought to me by a friend from Indian origins. They take horoscopes very seriously, in India no marriage gets arranged before checking out the mutual horoscopes, and they should match. She herself met her husband through a blind date, of whom she knew the birth sign. A serious recommendation then.

At times I find my monthly horoscope spookily accurate, the events written in the stars matching my diary, and sometimes they read like rocket science: not for me. But most of the time the monthly forecast provides an exciting glimpse forward, ‘somethings’ to look forward to. For the believer 😉

Tonight is a full moon, so a new moon is around the block.

I took this picture just now, with my iPad, from the window in the back.


Susan says: “If your birthday falls at the end of April (…) It will be up to you to find a way to deal with present-day challenges, for that will be the purpose of Saturn’s visit. Keep in mind that this has all the makings of a landmark period when you can show the world all the stuff you are made of. You will finally discover the depth of your strength, the force of your determination, and the range of your resourcefulness. You won’t be the same again – you’ll be new and improved, better than ever before.” http://www.astrologyzone.comwww.astrologyzone.com

I will transform into a Six Million Dollar Wilson 😉 This month.

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