Stars Line Up On The Graham Norton Show


Let there be stars!

Thank God it’s Friday! What a lucky shot to turn on the tv whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. I was ready for a last cuppa, but geared up into overdrive when I heard the tune of the Graham Norton Show, as soon as the light came on of the Sony mega widescreen. {It was not my choice of screen, but with the wall behind it painted dark grey, I can sort of stand it. With this on, I LOVE IT ;-)}

The Graham Norton show is a five star entertainment show on BBC1, star studded, and outrageously amusing. Tonight on the sofa were Will Smith, his son Jaden, Bradley Cooper, Heather Graham, and towards the end Michael Douglas (!) popped in! Wow.

I love Will Smith, ánd his family. His wife Jada Pinkett Smith recently made a quotable remark, regarding Will Smith being his own man. ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay,” she says she told him, talking to HuffPost live last April. {I heard this news on Dutch radio, she was a ‘dream’ according to the DJ’s}

Their son is The Karate Kid. They did a movie together that I absolute adore, The Pursuit of Happyness. In this film Will is left by his wife, who lost faith in his dream to become a professional, leaving the care of their son to him. It’s a monumental epos about the struggle that life can be, showing how willpower and optimism are key to success. They play together again in After Earth, a film opening this week, hence their presence in the show. And what a show, they made it look as if they were hangin’ out together at Graham’s, having a good time.

Next to them Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham, both gorgeous looking creatures, who also play together in a new movie: ‘Hangover III‘. I know nothing about the previous two, and somehow the talk about number three wasn’t the best part of their conversation. I am always amazed by the flair with which Graham can embarrass a guest. Now he grilled Bradley Cooper over the fact that he Googles himself. Quite often apparently. Cooper got away with his moviestar smile, and told us a few other stories for distraction.

Heather was talked into doing a yoga handstand together with Will Smith, which nearly made her faint. Although being a star herself, she is aware of bigger stars.

By the way, my eyes were glued to the suit Will was wearing. Lovely outfit, beige suit and pink and white plaid shirt, pink sox, two earrings. I’d say British! As a compliment. 😉

GNS_Will Smith in suit

Will Smith in beige and pink

BUT! The absolutely most electrifying performance came when Will, Jaden and their DJ together with Graham got to the stage to do a gig together. They lined up and performed this amazing rap and move, the audience went absolutely mad and the energy zig-zagged right off the screen and made me grasp my camera. Here are the shots.

GNS_dancing in suits5

and thank YOU!

And then look at the moves of The Temptations (1965) again, in my last post Dancing in suits.

Finally, as if this wasn’t good enough still, Michael Douglas came running in. Sitcom style.

On the sofa he hugged his buddy and birth brother Will, born on the same date. Not day.

GNS_Birth brothers

Michael & Will go way back, to the crib

Michael Douglas I learned, has reinvented himself. He is Liberace in Steven Soderbergh’s fabulous bio-pic “Behind the Candelabra,” on HBO. Very convincing.

Read more here

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