a secret _the idea

the idea

Where would you keep a secret? I have been working on this blog for 3 months exactly, and it worked well for thinking of other profesional directions I may want to take. It refreshed my mind and I lavished in curiosity and passion through blogging. For the last few weeks I have been working on a another, private, project that now has really gotten shape, looking good, it thrills me to bits! I am happy the way it’s going and I shouldn’t say any more about it. The Secret. It could ruin my opportunities.

Can I manage? {i will spill more asap, can’t wait :-)} How did I tackle the subject with Vito’s present for example, when he turned 8? The big secret was a guitar. He loves his rock music and AC/DC is his favourite band at the moment. There’s talent in his genes, so we decided on a guitar, and lessons. Now, a guitar has a very particular shape and is rather large, even the 3/4 size for his age. The day before his birthday, when Vito was out, I actually contemplated the situation…

The living room and not wrapped were definitely not good ways of keeping the guitar a secret. I wrapped it and left it on top of the washing machine downstairs. But with the surprise safely tucked away, I still found it difficult not to turn the conversation towards music. Too excited about the idea.

Yesterday we went to the swimming pool for Vito’s lessons. While he was in the water I sat outside in the sun for a moment, and met another mother. She told me the story of a secret. Her son told her he is -secretly- in love with the elder sister of his friend. A few days after the confession they all had dinner over at the house of the friend. The mother being aware of a secret in the room, was flabbergasted when the boy decided to stand up at the table, with everybody there including the object of his desire, saying, “I want to tell you something, I am in love with Sophie.” He is 6 en she is 8. Galaxies apart.

Emotions went flying; surprise, pride, love, embarrassment and irritation.

It was so sweet and courageous! He was so full of it he couldn’t keep shut about it. Aaaah… ,-) But the talk afterwards was too much for him and now he doesn’t feel the same about her anymore. He said quite casualy.

There’s a Chinese proverb: You are the master of your thoughts, and a slave to your words.

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