School party The Movie

Today the school party was on. We haven’t seen much of summer yet, but luckily today it was sunny, and Friday too ūüėČ The fun area was set up like a fair, with different stalls, games and entertainment. And so I happened to take part in what would become My First Art Auction on the grounds of the icerink Jaap Eden in Amsterdam Oost. The art was made by the children from the different age groups, commissioned by the school, to raise money for a charity.

I had had a look before it started, to see if there was anything of interest on sale. Two paintings caught my eye: a church under a starry sky, VanGogh style, and an abstract by my favorite group of artists, the about-five-years-old (I like to think of them as The Art Monkeys).

When the event started I placed myself up front and would play it by ear.

The first pieces were sold, when a small square canvas on the back of the stage caught my attention. A man standing on his shadow, next to a car, surrounded by ocre hills.

I wanted that one.

My first auction

My first auction

When it came on I did my first bid ever in an art auction, and it was fun! A lady in front of me topped my bid 3 times ! but gave up at 40 euros. It was Mine.

It is done in mixed media, paint, pencil and marker, by Jacco from group 8. {will replace image for a brighter one in the morning, the colours are gorgeous! as you can see above}

Skyfall Jacco

My first auction trophy

The theme of the school party was Dalton The Movie, Dalton being part of the name of the school, the paintings therefor inspired by films.

The kids were invited to come dressed up, as they do when partying. And there where kids of any age.

but the youngest were the best! ūüôā

and also, there was definitely something happening with hair.

I wanted that one.

wigs like to party

BUT! The cake departement won the Best Dressed Trophy! Look at these yummie creations… and they were as good as they look. When a baking competition was announced earlier this week, the neighborhood suffered a baking frenzy and over 25 beauties came to win. Some of them are by Van Moss, a local little cake bakery of Norwegian origins, that sells cakes through Etsy. Home made goodness! The one woman enterprise delivers at your doorstep or you can come and collect at the workshop. I totally fell for the turban cake with icing and blueberries, it was simply divine.

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