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Today was a lovely day! The sun was out, birds were singing like mad and there was a smell of cut grass right around the corner, where a lady was trimming the beech hedge. At the end of the afternoon I dropped my son off for his second 5 km walk in the Avondvierdaagse (4 nights of walking, resulting in a enviable medal of honor) wearing flip-flops myself, so there was no chance I was talked into coming along 🙂
Back home I had an hour to myself and what do I do? With the lovely sun out and a deckchair up on the roof terrace waiting? I went online. To have a quick windowshoppingspree. Indoors. (ok it was just an hour and I had caught some sun already) I went straight to my favourite shops, and took in the energizing colours and seductive shapes designed to enjoy: fantasies of luxury. The luxury would be, me being able to dress up and go places, not my usual daytime pastimes.
I love to go to Selfridges when in London, the thrill shopping experience. Their site is quite adventurous too. I spotted some killer heels and cool rollerskates. Also, and this is what you can expect at Selfridges, a piece by Damien Hirst was on sale: a pink beach towel with the image of a blue butterfly. It is one from his massproduct range of art works, called Soul Love. Nice.
shop online at Selfridges

A stylish girl from the Birmingham Department

There’s also a tag ‘windows’ (OOPS, I had a quick look on the site, to check the name of the tag, and nearly, nearly got sucked into their denim special! It was like a magnet and sent my mind racing for options, combinations with my wardrobe. Honestly, one second. I remembered just in time I am writing a post! Concentrate) There is a tag on their site where they show the shop windows, out on Oxford Street. Wonderful worlds of Want.

Nike trainers in Liberty’s trademark flower print

From there I went to Liberty’s. I had  look around and tried to buy a pair of Nike trainers, made out of Liberty’s trademark flowerprint cotton, covered by an oldskool swoosh. Not available in my size. Fiew.
On to Harvey Nichols, and thank god there was some boring IT thingy not letting me enter the shop. (They would have a doorman robot on their virtual premisses, would be sooo Nicks). 
 Ok what time is it? There’s time left. 
So I went to the shop of the London Design Museum. Packed with great stuff, by artists and designers. Here I came across two vases, foldable, fillable, with an extraordinary stripe pattern on them. Just love them!
online shopping at the museum

designer gift wrap from

When time was running out I dashed over to Wehkamp to press my face against the window for my wannahave prop for a total sleep inn: a duvet cover with different creative type saying Make love not war. For little Vito. Brilliant. Stay in bed. Another luxury, according to my standards 😉,,‎,,

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