Shopping in China

Eye, the film museum in Amsterdam

A fabulous catwalk like pier, at the Chambers of Commerce. Across the river the film museum Eye. This morning.

Kamer van Koophandel

The Chamber of Commerce today. (In Dutch: Kamer van Koophandel, or KvK. The signs have been there forever.

Today was a special day, as I registered my new business with the Chamber of Commerce. The public launch will be in about 4 weeks, and for now we (not just me no, there are a few friends involved, thankgod!) are working like mad to get it all done in time.

So since today I am able to look at wholesales prices for the business, and I went to check out local warehouses and just now I had a look online. In China. Wow.

I got lost for choice, I know what we are doing but the immense offer of goods made me wonder if I could somehow add a few product categories to our shop, for fun 😉

Bags, retro model best selling 50% off popped up on the screen, for nearly nothing. Let’s have a look, I thought.

Shopping in China

Going to the pub for some grub

The girl holding the cheap model was Asian, with very caucasian features and outfit. For a moment I wondered if the pictures were taken in London; stylish capital of the UK and hotspot for trends. Make it look the part. Also the typical shade of green on the woodwork behind the girl read British. It could be a ‘Farmhouse’-labeled green, outside a caf in Fulham or Chelsea. BUT! The offers on the chalkboard are in Chinese characters… it could be in a studio, or on a set. Or a Chinese shopping mall in European style, an outlet village, but not as we know it. Or?

After bags come shoes, naturally 😉 so I looked for ‘shoes’. The search engine said there were more than 55.000 hits, but I didn’t take enough time to find a pair of wannahaves. When I noticed the description of a few rather adventurous models, I wasn’t sure how to redefine my search, ‘sling backs’ got me this… Some ‘summer office lady’ heels and some ‘sandals’?! That word in my mind is about careworkers and scouting, going the extra mile.

No walking involved here, me thinks.

Because I had been in the bag departement of this ultra mega wholesale virtual warehouse the screen showed several banners with more bags. There I went again, back to the bags. And browsing I came across the name of a lovely red. A red that reads summer and fruit and sunset bbq’s on the beach. Watermelon red.

And there’s definitely something going on with watermelon on these trainers. The brand is Supra, I never heard of it, but I would love to wear them!

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