I Love Lourdes

When I started this blog last February I mentioned the archive I live in. Well, this is one of the artists I once stumbled upon and kept in my PUBLISH OR PERISH folder. { The label implicating I definitely must share this with the world! In this case: Illustration and pattern design that is so beautiful and lush, how come I didn’t know about it? -So thankgod not totally overexposed either, a true discovery 😉 }

Lourdes Sanchez (Luli) is the Cuban born artist and textile designer with the quirky brush and rich palette behind the gorgeous images in this post. Her origins are in the fashion industry, but since 2004 she runs her own studio in Brooklyn, New York. She worked with the likes of the stylish houses of Anthropology,  Ralph Lauren, and West Elm, and sold prints through One Kings Lane. { So her designs did travel far, but were anonymous for a long time! }

I just love her floral designs! Some of them are pure impressionist pieces.

the wonderful world of lourdes sanchez

from the tropical series

Watercolor is maybe her most magical medium, but she can do anything. This is only a small selection; on her site you will find a fountain of beauty and inspiration, I dare you to pick a favorite!

How did she do it? In an interview with DesignSponge she admits not to believe in advice too much:

“(…) to be honest, most of the advice I have received was mostly useful by doing the exact opposite of that advice (…) So I don’t really like to give advice. I would just say that I believe in studying and looking at everything, combined with going deep inside yourself and bringing out what is truly and uniquely you. Combined with a steady and regular practice of work, so that you have the skills to realize your vision“.



Check out her website 


PS 30012015 | Sanchez did a series of unique, limited edition covers for best-selling autor Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat Pray Love) new book called Big Magic.

Good choice!


PS influencer

Special editions of Big Magic Creative Living Beyond Fear
by Elizabeth Gilbert, art work by Lulu Sanchez

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