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Kids Art Hideaway

Romantic – Hideaway

This is a selection of the work done by the children in my son’s school. It was on show in the local Art Centre last May. {where we had a close shave with celebrity! Read my post Johnny Depp was here} All classes, ranging in age from 6 to 12 years old, were involved in visualizing their thoughts around the subject ‘Hello world!’. The matter was approached enthusiastically, the works showing proof of great engagement and sometimes a surprising eye for detail. They were introduced to different methods of reproduction by the local graphic centre, Grafisch Centrum Oost, a gem of a workshop, who have helped producing wonderful works of art!

Kids Art Another Earth

Philosophical – Another Earth

Kids Art Time passing

Scientific – Time

For the young ones the assignment was to concentrate on foreign food. Their medium also dry needle etching.

Kids Art Foreign food

An adventure

Some of the children are from exotic origins themselves, validating the reproduction of a potato: A fresh take on the subject!

A discovery in media to me was the use of bubble wrap as a stamp. Material print it is called, and the black image on top is a lino cut. Instant pop art effect, I love it! The images are Hello World! flags.

material print

Done by an artist with a Chinese first name

The eldest group was asked to introduce themselves to the world, by making a selfportrait in lino.

Kids Art selfportrait

Selfportrait in lino

When I was cleaning up the images before publishing, and I didn’t remember the subject, I was puzzled by these two… imagine. One shows a fantasy scene, maybe, and the other too, maybe. It’s the startled look in the eyes of the mothering girl I felt was rather disturbing at first, but finding out it’s about Hello World! was such a relieve! 😉 { and yes I do look at the cards in the museum too. That little white note very often is part of the work in modern art! }

Thankgod for loud and clear messages, like this last one. {or does the card say something different?

Kids art Love


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