Motivational posters by 12 year olds

From the workshop and show described in my last post Hello World! one more selection of art. It’s from the Farewell Book of the eldest children, group 8, aged 11 and 12. Every year a book of hopes and dreams is produced, to say farewell to life as they know it and move on into the world of secondary school. { I remember when I was about 14 years old and in secondary school, FAME was a television hit, and the weekly dose of excitement. Playing a part in the school musical at the time, it blurred my sense of reality a bit for a while ;-)}

Here group 8 shows where they are now, and how they see their future.

If you believe anything is possible

If you believe in it, anything is possible

Some already have a clear vision of wat profession they want to pursue, others are more general thinkers. Some weren’t focussing.

Right and Rich

I am right, I will be rich

But they all produced lovely inspiring pieces of art to hang over their beds for many years to come.

Beauty comes from inside

Beauty comes from inside

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1 Response to Motivational posters by 12 year olds

  1. willum says:

    Great colors&composition, old school craft!

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