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Céline Lady Bag

Tartan Citoyenne du Monde  ©wilmatichelaar

My post office is inside a newspaper stand, a dangerous situation, as I have to pass tiers of attractive magazines to get to the back of the shop, where the stamps are. I -again- had no intention of buying a magazine, but a sliver of a known and much loved pattern on the cover of Vogue – The Collections caught my eye. For a split second I thought I saw a model wearing my favourite plastic carrier bag, and I changed my route…

Holding the 364 pages of fashion gospel Fall/Winter 2014 I was told the truth: Yes and wow! Exactly what this season needs.

Having an eye for inspiration is one thing, but actually transforming a plain plastic carrier from the pound shop into high fashion is a masterpiece.

Céline shows a collection of skirts, jackets and coats, made from beautiful wool, woven in the pattern of a pound shop top seller. You could think it’s cheap and easy. (Or wonder what it reminds you of…) BUT! the woman behind the brand is award winning Phoebe Philo, a Brit born in Paris, who studied fashion at Central Saint Martins’ in London and came out in Paris October 2001. She soon after worked for Chloé, and became creative head at Céline’s in 2006. She is an original couture creature, capable of turning bags into powerful feminine outfits.

It is part of the season’s collection in Vogue described as “(…) simultaneously cosy and active, snug and beautifully constructed, featuring strong yet soft fabrics including bouclé, mink, velvet and sensuous woollens.

“it was coming from a place of emotion and intimacy, something instinctive”, Philo said backstage talking to Vogue.

Daily life being the source of inspiration.

When I showed my son (8) the pictures of the dresses made after his skate bag, he thought they were rain clothing, but looking different.


PS | 14082017 | 4 Years later a petite version of the cheap bag is spotted at a pop-up shop at Gatwick Airport.

pound bag

by SkinnyDipLondon

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