Good yummie do good

Today we have come back home after a short stay in a luxury tent by the sea. I say luxury, but what is luxury without toast? Right. Camping. Which I like, but what joy to return to toast and marmelade ;P

Rotterdamsche Konfituur

Orange, carrot and cardamom preserve on toast

I was lucky to enjoy the last serving of the ‘marmelade’ I recently discovered! It is an organic relish kind of chunky jam, made from orange, carrot and cardamom. An unusual combination of flavours maybe -I had it as a present from my neighbour- but once I tried it, I absolutely loved it. I had it on toast, with wine and cheese and also in full fat (10%) Turkish yoghurt, it is simply delicious.

The orange/carrot/cardamom variety is just one of the adventurous flavours produced by Rotterdamsche Confituur. Each quarter a new flavor is introduced that corresponds with the fruit season. There are five flavours at the moment:

Pear, Figs and Pine nuts • Apple, ginger and lemon • Pineapple, strawberry and lime • Orange, carrot and cardamom • Apricot, Goji berry and green tea

Rotterdamsche confituur

Pear, figs and pine nuts gallore!

Looking them up, I find that it is part of a learning project of local schools, a practical training, initiated and supervised by some quality savvy foodies from Rotterdam, Jessie Voerman and Ewald Renar. They employ an international group of people of all ages, and they all add to the tasty equation. (Reading the site you get a little the we-are-the-world vibe)

Anyway, starting small, using the kitchen of trattoria Borgo d’Aneto after opening hours did not cramp their style: Within two years the organic fruit preserve is sold in many quality shops throughout the country and soon Rotterdamsche Confituur will have their own place in the Afrikaanderwijk in Rotterdam.

Check out the points of sale at

{I’m off to the Vijzelstraat tomorrow!}

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