Happycalypse! A preview

TFoH logoThe business and the heatwave

What a lovely coincidence! How well the heatwave works with The Product 🙂

Now it is nearly nearly time for our new business to be launched and the webshop to open doors. Last week we have been busy with mood photography and here’s a sneak preview!!!

The label is called The Fabric Of Home, and our first collection of funky home textiles such as cushions, throws and loungers is about to go on sale. We named it Happycalypse! ‘because life is too short not to live it up a little’.

At The Fabric of Home we believe a house needs fabric to become a comfortable home. For our collections we use fabrics with a history and blend them with new designs into comfortable objects for contemporary living. Familiar but fresh.

Happycalypse! The Fabric of Home

The colour range ©thefabricofhome

For Happycalypse! we chose African wax cloth. A textile from Dutch origins, well known from African dress making, and recently also used for haute couture and body decorations. {Read my post on the fabulous art of Nadia Dafri Fabric Jewelry}

From our Facebook page: The Fabric of Home offers fresh designs for the home, made from reinvented materials. Quirky style, excellent quality and contemporary comfort are key.

Join us on Facebook and you’ll be the first to know when Happycalypse! shopping is on 😉


Happycalypse! The Fabric of Home

The blue range ©thefabricofhome

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