Dawn Today

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I drove a friend to the airport early morning, and after coming back I sat on the roof with my camera, to witness dawn. I find the start of a new day phenomenal, even on this cloudy morning.


said the Snoopy sweater I wore as a teenager, showing the famous dog lying on his tummy on the roof of his doghouse, – my mum bought it – and that hasn’t changed. Not really, although I am a mother now and have to do the waking up for everybody, it just means I am a lifetime behind in sleep. Let’s say the morning is just not my best part of the day, especially before coffee.

Strictly speaking, before coffee it is still dead of night. 

But when I do get outdoors when everybody else is still asleep, I  l o v e  it.

I love to sit on the roof any time of day, but when the sun rises over the city, urging the birds to sing, it is magical.

PS: A tune to go with the images, starting the day in a mellow way, from the Daft Punk album Random Access Memories – including (Up All Night To) Get Lucky – the mesmerizing tune of Beyond. Note: The first 30 seconds the music seems to prepare us for a spaceship landing, but then a ‘mellow robot tune’ {as my friend called it in the car, when we zapped to the airport via the midnight motorway} will come and lift you up… I played it all day.

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