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Wonder Wall in 1999

My Wonder Wall in 1999

This post is one from the archives, as I have been sorting things out.

Before everybody had a phone with a built-in camera, I used to carry an oldskool SLR camera around, with a slide film in it. At the time I was part of a slideshow collective called Anja’s Boetiek, and the four of us would take pictures (slides!) of things that caught our eye; beauty didn’t matter so much -but wasn’t excluded- what counted was the story to tell when the image is up on the wall. We would get together every 6 weeks or so, enjoy a dinner party and then: switch off the lights, turn on the projector and have a good time! {I will have to do a proper presentation of the collective in another post sometime!}

These images were shot on slide film, for that purpose and what joy to look at them again! Above you see an image of my home office in 1999. What (Apple)Mac(intosh) was it again, I can’t remember, but it was huge, and not flat. Also on the table I spot an Iomega drive, for Zip-disks, and a SyQuest drive! {Honestly, I had to look this up, it’s the big one, cool when launched but soon run over by the Zip. And who remembers both anyway?!} The collage is a signature for my workspace: everywhere I spend time behind a screen a collage will grow on the wall, creating a view 😉

Also interesting are bare walls.

No posting

No fly-tipping rubbish allowed, postering’s ok then

Blue wall ©wilmatichelaar

A wall like a sea view

When zooming in on it even pebble dash has its jenesaisquoi 😉 And that is what the collective was all about: zooming in and finding beauty, somehow.

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  1. Elvira says:

    I really like the walls,Wilma!

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