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Biblioteca by Claudio_Parmiggiani

Biblioteca by Claudio_Parmiggiani (photo meessendeclercq.be)

Claudio Parmiggiano (Luzzara, 1943) is an artist who’s been dealing with walls too {see my last post Jenesaisquoi}: Empty now, but with clear traces of shelves and objects that have been there. Parmiggiano concentrates on the essence of existence and non-extistence, using dust, fire and smoke.

In the late 1950’s he spent time in the studio of Giorgio Morandi in Bologna, and his influence is still visible in Parmiggiano’s work.

When I saw the globe Parmiggiani did in 1965, I couldn’t help but see a fascinating resemblance with a drawing my son did, when he was about 5…

{I wrote about this before: I think the creative work of children, about-5-year-olds in particular, is among the greatest works of art, as they show an unconditioned artistic expression that is very difficult to maintain when growing up and many professional artists labour to get it back. Read more about in in the post Unconditioned Expression and category Early Works}


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