Supermarket tourist

M & S in Amsterdam

My Fabulous Finds from the -So British!- Marks & Spencer concept store in Amsterdam

The taste of Britain is back in Amsterdam! It was my first visit to Marks and Spencer’s new concept store in the Kalverstraat and I am so happy now 😉

The shop has an interesting e-boutique next to the entrance – where you can buy clothes, by ordering online, in the shop, on which I should write more, later – but! M+S Amsterdam is mainly a food hall. Thankgod ;P

A dedicated supermarket tourist myself, it reminds me of the strolls through Sainsbury’s, Waitrose, Tesco’s, even Harvey Nichols’ food department (great package design!), as if getting The Best of Britain at Marks and Spencer. To me the products are like souvenirs of London and the British way of life, with it’s peculiar yet yummy taste.

The packaging is a gift on top, with beautiful persuasive language. This text for example is from the box of Chai teabags: “A carefully balanced blend of spices with black tea, inspired by the traditional street stall recipes of India”. Aaah… cuppaaaah!

Kalverstraat: 226, 1012 XJ Amsterdam (close to the Munt)

Definitely a hotspot on my map.

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