Of Love And Fans

Last sunday I went to the science museum NEMO with my son (8), where he attended a children’s lecture on satellites. A very interesting subject, and since it was my first visit to the museum, I had a look around to see what else was going on.

Some really fascinating stuff is on display: From space to the origins of life, about rocks, water and energy, to potential energy locked up in a chain reaction on hold. Yes, when everything stands still and nothing happens, we can still speak of energy, but it is potential energy 😉 Also we and our bodies are examined closely.

On a tiny screen I noticed this animation, on how we have always wondered.

Science museum Nemo

Science museum Nemo

Science museum Nemo

And falling in love. One of life’s mysteries (image NEMO)

Two kissing faces are representing one of life’s mysteries: Love. Is it the beginning of it all, or is it the goal? Spark or final? It’s definitely a fascinating subject for any visitor, and on the top floor, beyond the enormous neon sign ‘AM I MY HORMONES?’, we are all invited to learn more about our likes and dislikes. About the nature of us.

Cycling home after that, I noticed this tiny piece of spray art, showing the smiling face of Michael Jackson… who did a lovely song on the subject Human Nature! {Pieces falling into place 😉

Michael Jackson spray art

Michael Jackson spray art, on fence in Amsterdam Oost

here’s the video

Now, when Michael Jackson died in 2009, the world changed a little. His worldwide fan base was mourning and the best tribute at the time I thought were the flash mobs, dancing in a tight choreography, Michael-style. And still you can come across tributes to Michael, like the little spray above. Tributes expressing everlasting love & admiration, I think it’s so endearing! {By the way, the video above is definitely the work of a big MJ fan!}

Expressions of love come in many ways and shapes, and here is just one of many videos showing fans loving Michael very much… {Sometimes love needs a bodyguard ;-)}

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