Hat & Hair

Eloise Moody Hat Maker

Fedora inspired wearable art by Moody&Farrell

Eloise Moody Hat Maker

Hand made straw looping on wooden comb by Moody&Farrell

Eloise Moody Hat Maker

Hand made straw hat and guilded pin by Moody&Farrell

These brilliant works of art are made by hat maker Eloise Moody, who partners with her deceased grandfather Michael John Farrell. Yes. He is her spiritual partner, in Moody & Farrell, hatmakers in London. Well, I say hat makers, but what masterpieces they are: from idea to execution, from straw to pin, fabulous!

The hats are inspired by traditional models, such as the bowler hat and fedora. The lusciously smooth lined tattoos are inspired by ancient Celtic ornaments. The clever mix of tradition and fresh designs in hat AND hair, make me want one! And when not wearing it, I will beautify my wall, so I can still see it and admire it 😉

The incredible creative Madame Peripetie took on the challenge to shoot the campaign, and it turned out breathtaking icons of contemporary photography and style, again. Last year’s campaign images are also done by the marvel studio, and it’s impossible to tell which is best! Impressive work by hair and make-up artist Marina Keri.



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