In Loving Memory

A night in France

Before I was born – A full moon somewhere in France – Photo from a family album, 1963 | wilson tichelaar ©

Today is my mother’s birthday.

Infinitely sad, she died 13 years ago.

On the days between her departure and funeral I spent long hours in the car, between my parent’s house and home in Amsterdam, devastated, listening to Al Jarreau’s album Glow endlessly. One song was on repeat, Your Song.

(…) I don’t have much money but boy if I did

I’d buy a big house where we both could live

{And the strange thing is, years after I get the odd opportunity to buy this house. A long story short: When I realized owning a house in Amsterdam was unaffordable, the news about this renovation project came in. I always felt it had something to do with my mother being up there, finally in a position to pull some strings 😉 Honestly, it feels that way.}

Now whenever I hear Your Song, I am back in that car. Driving. Across the country, along the dyke. In the dark and rain, along a road I have travelled often.

Driving, realizing how wonderful life was when she was in my world.

The picture above is an image from a family photo album. A night shot of a full moon, taken somewhere in France in 1963. It has the right tone of blue to go with the music.

In loving memory

My mother when I was a baby

in loving memory


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4 Responses to In Loving Memory

  1. Catarina says:

    Mooi geschreven Wilma….
    Bij mij brand een kaarsje voor haar en ome Willem, en Jan zijn moeder…

    Never forgotten xxx

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