L.O.V.E. coming down the stairs

L.O.V.E. The Fabric of Home

Cuddle a cushion from the L.O.V.E. collection ©The Fabric of Home

Now that the shop is live {at www.thefabricofhome.com} I can’t help but wanting to rearrange the ‘window’ all the time. The window is the slider on the top of the page. Now it contains 9 pictures of the cushions and poufs in situ that are on sale. Cushion in the sun, cushion snug on the sofa, pouf comfy in front of a fire, and now the new arrivals coming down the stairs 😉

The L.O.V.E. cushions are made of African wax cloth combined with a wintery, warm wool, and lettering done in leather, stitched on loosely. Five different designs combine checkers with flowers and bright pink details {yes, one is still in hair and make-up ;-)} They are a huggable 50x50cm size, filled with waterfowl feathers.

L.O.V.E. The Fabric of Home

For now I use my home as backdrop for the products, which I feel works well, as the interior was designed and styled by me too, so somehow ‘it fits’. (For more pictures of our home see the post Our home in vtwonen magazine, July 26)

Today I will try and get the pictures done for the tribal (home) jewelry that will go on sale next week. I am setting up the B&B guest room for that, squeezing it in between check out and check in, as the new guests will arrive late tonight… Pfff, feels like The Factory Of Home at the moment!! 😉


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