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The twins Dorothee Deiss

The Twins by photographer Dorothee Deiss

“(…) when I found the bathrobe in a corner, perfectly fitting to the bedspread, that was when I knew I had the picture”

says photographer Dorothee Deiss, who ended up number four in the  Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize, organized by The Portrait Gallery in London. It is one of my Favourite Places, and since I booked a trip to London, I quickly had a look to see what’s on show. This is, and I can’t wait 🙂

To me portraits seem magnetic and mesmerizing and the Portrait Gallery is like a candy shop in that sense: There are paintings, photographs, films, slides and mirrors, whatever medium necessary to capture human expression at it’s best. Faced with the faces of historical highnesses and common folk alike, my mind wanders, tapping into their stories. The Portrait Gallery used to be around the corner from work when I lived in London, and as a member I would pop in on a regular basis. I think I’ve seen David Beckham Sleeping a few times 😉 (by Sam Taylor Wood).

Prize winning Dorothee Deiss lives and works as photographer AND pediatric endocrinologist in Berlin. She studied medicine first, then photography, in Berlin and the US. Her portrait, from her project VisibleInvisible, is of twin sisters she visited in their house. First she took a more conventional picture, she says, but then found the bathrobe… eureka! Inspiration found.

More work by Deiss:

The first three prizes in the contest went to Kofi Annan by Anoush Abrar (3rd prize), Pilgrim Mamta Dubey and infant by Giles Price (2nd prize) Katie Walsh by Spencer Murphy (the winner).

And as for David Beckham The Sleeping Beauty (2004), the noise at the time was about whether he was really asleep or just posing … because that would change the portrait…

This clip is part of the film by Sam Taylor Wood, filmed by the Chinese uploader.

It got a lot of comments 😉

Comment on David Beckham Sleeping video

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