Serious sh*t

These are our toilets, yes, two. We have two different bathrooms in our home. Downstairs with a rainshower, and upstairs in a proper bathroom with bath tub, where, on a day like today, we can s*it in the sun, as the-already-lovely-bathroom also has a large, south facing window-where-no-neighbour-can-peek.

OUTRAGIOUSLY LUXURIOUS and today it feels a bit awkward:

Every year more than 800.000 children die of diarrhea, 2200 children e v e r y  d a y. A silent disaster, the result of the lack of clean drinking water, soap and toilets.

Our everyday commodity could be a lifeline to thousands of children.

The Dutch radio station 3Fm together with the national Red Cross have taken on the challenge to raise money through the Serious Request event and help children and their communities in Sub-Sahara African and South Asian countries with the problems connected with diarrhea.

And we can all do our bit: Of course you can donate whatever you can, or… just download this wonderful and empowering song!  *)

€1,29 on iTunes… GO!! and make a difference.

*) The money raised will go to the Red Cross Netherlands organization, who will help constructing sanitation in homes and communities in Sub-Sahara African and South Asian countries. With the money they will also educate the communities on how to use and maintain these facilities. Trained Red Cross volunteers will teach children and their parents about hygiene and the right treatment for diarrhea. (Also the anti-dehydration agent ORS, will be handed out.)

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