Christmas Oracle

Last week I was invited to speak at a bloggers event, to show and tell about Christmas trends. I took on the assignment with great gusto, only to almost immediately realize: Christmas is all about traditions (!) and maybe less about trends…

To prepare I gathered images of the traditional ingredients of Christmas, like family, food, presents, lights and decorations. And doing so, I noticed that traditions ARE changing, but some more drastic than others…

Here’s a few alternative tree ideas, for example.

I first saw the bare wooden tree about 5 years ago, and although it was in a stylish magazine at the forefront of interior design, it felt cold and out of place. Not very likely to become a Christmas Craze… BUT! here they are: everywhere! (in Holland, that is).

So, forecasting in overdrive, I concluded my talk with a Christmas Flash Forward. A collage of notable Christmas news, altered traditions and bright visions 😉 >>

>>Traditional families will have transformed into formations of fun >> the whole Christmas stress will be officially not worth it >> and we will all cook and bake like on a normal day off: comfortable and preferably, slow >> Except for desserts: Desserts are the bomb! Can’t overdo them >> Also, there’s a movement towards The Outdoors as the adventurous Christmas setting >> The tree is not necessarily green or alive anymore >> and no thing will go to waste as recycling is the word in decorations >> and you best do it yourself. {note to self: look up the Tobacco ice cream by Juergen Teller in Wallpaper?!}

Modern Christmas

Christmas Flash Forward 2013 by

And my feeling is, the tree will be competing with the stepladder, soon. Ideally an old and used one, one with a history….

and here the circle closes: Christmas once started with an incredible story, and stories, our personal tales, of the year past and the hopes and dreams for the next to come, will still be at the core of Christmas. Didn’t notice any change there.

Modern Christmas

Best ingredient for future Christmas: Unconditioned creativity! (image Stephanie Rammeloo)

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