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Bloggers event Hello Fresh

A minute of silence (photo Richard Banroque, Fricote magazine)

Last week I was invited to speak at a food bloggers event, organized by Hello Fresh, the delicious out-of-the-box dinner concept that is rapidly spreading it’s service throughout the country. The idea is simply great, the execution smooth and the result delicious (and I know it from experience!): Once a week Hello Fresh delivers a box to your doorstep, filled with fresh groceries and delicious recipes that will make your (busy) week just a bit easier and definitely more exciting. Everything you need (except for salt and pepper maybe) is in the box, and the best thing, I felt, was, you don’t have to ponder about what-to-eat! The meals are delicious, inspiring AND easy to prepare. You can surprise yourself (and family) with a gourmet dish, restaurant style, in 30 to 45 minutes.

That is the regular box. But now they have The Christmas Box, the improved Christmas Box I should say, as it is absolutely definitely foolproof and gorgeous the second year.

To test and tell, they invited about 20 prominent food bloggers over and my talk on Christmas trends was the totally unnecessary entertainment bit in between courses 😉

The test panel simply l o v e d the food, the atmosphere was great and the conversation cheerful. For bloggers it is always nice to be invited as for us it also a way of meeting each other, but this occasion was exceptionally nice, and no doubt the food had something to do with that. Good food connects everybody at the table.

To dress their new and industrial workspace for the party, I simply used the industrial kitchen theme. It worked well, Fellini’s quote on food being the most popular on the ribbons hanging from the ceiling:

Life is a combination of magic and pasta.


PS: There’s an interesting article on food blogging and food pictures on social media in the French magazine Fricote. It states that the snapping of food delivered to the table has replaced the prayer before dinner, a new Minute Of Silence.


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