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Kids art - Still life

Dreaming of the south of France

In the paper they mentioned January as the ‘hibernating month’, and yes January can be a very dull and grey, with little sunshine or color. I personally c r a v e longer days and warm breezes, the time when our rooftop is left open and the wind can blow in the mild scent of the eucalyptus tree that is up there… Having a cappuccino on the roof, the sounds of the city floating by, a gentle sun on my face… aaahh, still 4 months away.

So! in the mean time best look for alternatives for that warming feeling, and this morning I noticed these wonderful still life paintings hanging in the school. I think the art teacher is on exactly the right path to beat the winter blues, by doing fruit paintings.

Fruit, isn’t it wonderfully exotic? The colors of summer!

Kids art - Still life

Tender approach

Kids art - Still life

A reference to all things sunny

Kids art - Still life


Kids art - Still life

Great choices are made here

Kids art - Still life

Sophisticated palette

Kids art - Still life

Natural Fauve

The paintings are made by different groups, ages ranging from about 7 to 12 years.

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