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email distraction

how distracting!!

This morning, while emptying the mailbox I came across a Pinterest newsletter from some time ago, which I had flagged, so before dumping it in the bin, I had a quick look. NEVER DO THAT, unless you have half a day to lose… aaargh, I forgot!

Ah yes, that lovely little beach, somewhere in Italy, I wanted to look it up. And now I did. Turns out to be the south west coast, in Puglia. Niiice. Can I go there? My mind went racing. Since I rent out a room through Airbnb myself I know you could find a real treasure, off the beaten track, so I did a quick search…

I came across a lovely little apartment with an amazing ocean view for €29 per night, and loads of good reviews. I wanted to book straightaway. But when away I cannot rent out my home, because, er, I would not be in. And then lightning struck: THE HOUSE SWAP.

Ofcourse! Heard much about it, saw the film, loved the idea, but never got my head around it somehow. But our room is a success, people like the style, the comfort, the area, Amsterdam… so renting the whole house would just be more of all that! I feel this is the way forward for a Really Nice Holiday 😀

House swap dillemma

Polignano in Puglia – I could sit here

Now my desktop is full of gorgeous images of delightful interiors and amazing outdoor scenery and colorful sunsets… The choice seems endless and actually I found it easier to browse, clicking ‘members wanting to go to the Netherlands‘, just to get an idea. Houses on offer are large and small, new and worn, in the centre of it all but also tucked way & hard to find. They are all interesting, and if you are interested in interior decorating like I am, I warn you, you will be absorbed.

Hamburg harbor view - I just love an industrial skyline!

Hamburg harbor view – I just love an industrial skyline!


Scotland, view from the house

Or swap for this? Copenhagen

Or swap for this? Copenhagen, is on my wishlist…

Beach house hideaway, heart of the city buzz, walking the rough highlands… where is it again that I wanted to go? And what time is it?!

if you have the time, check www.homeexchange.com, www.airbnb.com

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