The Art Of Smiling

Band Of outsiders

Band Of Outsiders, the label.

When presented with the pre-fall 2014 women’s collection from The Band Of Outsiders, I immediately loved the simple elegance and clever cuts of not-too-feminine fabric. The brand is the brainchild of L.A.-based Scott Sternberg and a merger of his former two cult collections for men and women, simply called boy. and girl. Put together they are cool and stylish and a bit preppy, and definitely into each other! {Have a closer look on }

The images sat on my desktop for a few days, as I have been too busy to post any of my thoughts recently. But! last night when I browsed through an online sale of vintage stuff I came across this curious title…

The Art Of Smiling by Domenico Gnoli

Orestes, or The Art Of Smiling by Domenico Gnoli

Orestes, or The Art of Smiling, by Donemico Gnoli from 1961. It is a children’s book about the Prince of Terrmafiusa, Orestes, who learns the infectious power of smiling in his attempt to bring back joy to his land.

..and this reminded my of The Band Of Outsiders! It reminded me of the girl in The Band Of Outsiders actually. Did you notice the way she s*m*i*l*e*s… all the way through all of the clothes against all backgrounds? On and on she cracks another smile and they all look fresh and new and real.

It made me think 🙂

art of smiling

who’s that girl?

A smile beyond the ‘Buy me I’ll make you happy” smile of advertising {quoting Barbara Kruger}, an actual nice person smile, a happy-to-see-you-smile, one you would like to associate with… a smile leading to another, creating the horde…

Clever Sternberg.

{Had a quick look on their site, to find out more about Sternberg, only to find … (the very man?) cought on camera while practicing crowd control. See?!  ;-)}

The art of smiling

Stay calm, worshippers

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